ARC Industrial offers drafting and design services.

  • One of the strengths of solid modelling is the ability to extract information from the model for use in populating BOM’s, templates, and generating flat patterns.  This reduces opportunities for error and can greatly reduce the time normally required to accomplish these tasks manually.  We have worked with large assembly’s that require careful construction of the model to ensure that it does not become unmanageable.
  • We have worked with clay and reverse engineering and are able mold and cast prototypes from thermoset plastics.
  • Our background is in contracting and steel fabrication with experience working in the field and in the shop.
  • We network with companies that provide tooling, die casting, plastic molding, electroplating, etc.  Several of the venues we have attended over the years are:
    • National Design and Engineering Show –  Chicago, IL
    • Global Petroleum Show – Calgary, AB
    • Euromold – Frankfurt, Germany
    • Autodesk University – Las Vegas, NV
  • We have experience working with factories in other parts of the world.  Our responsibilities include:
    • product development
    • tooling, production
    • quality control
    • shipping logistics


Di Oro Living, Coer d’Alene, Idaho

  • Used surface modelling to create free form shapes moldable from silicone rubber.
  • RFQ was provided to aid in sourcing product from a supplier.

Firefly Critical Well Safety, Red Deer, AB

  • Created a complete set of fabrication dwg’s for a fire suppression unit.
  • Schematics were produced of propane, nitrogen, and electrical systems.
  • 3d renderings were also provided for product marketing.

Armtec Industries, Calgary, AB

  • Used existing blueprints to create a scale model of a suspension bridge.
  • Sourced large, high res prototypes.

Pumps and Pressure, Red Deer, AB

  • Created layout and fabrication drawings for a hydraulic power unit.
  • Unit was designed for extreme low temp conditions and off-road transport.

Black Rain Energy Services, Red Deer, AB

  • Collaborated on a design for a 22,000 GAVR goose neck, tilt-deck trailer customized for hauling sea-cans.
  • Design required roller, winch, scissor lift and folding rear bumper.
  • Researched options for reducing trailer weight.

Zavida Coffee Company, Toronto, ON

  • Designed and sourced a wire rack for a new product launch.
  • Arranged for shipping container from Shenzhen, China and took care of shipping logistics.
  • Developed a concept for a new style of automatic dispenser.

Bodnar Steel Fabricators, Calgary, AB

  • Worked on designs for material handling systems.
  • Projects included silos, process buildings, elevated catwalks and a custom 2-way diverter.
  • Developed a custom belt conveyor with scavenger drag designed for use in high-temp applications.
  • Created layouts and transitions for screw conveyors and elevators.
  • Worked closely with the fabrication shop and erection crew.
  • Learned what is required to take a project from concept to commissioning.

Westeel Industries, Olds, AB

  • Worked on a design for a brass valve.
  • Created a layout for new equipment on factory floor with goal of streamlining processes.

GoodSeed Canada, Olds, AB

  • Worked with modeling clay and silicone rubber molds to develope prototypes used as master mold patterns.
  • Worked closely with a Baltimore company on a reverse engineering project that utilized Raindrop Geomagic software to modify a scanned model and create surfaces that were subsequently stitched and imported into solid modeling software.
  • Sourced the tooling and production of die casting in Shenzhen, China.
  • Maintained dies and continued production of products in China.
  • Responsible for quality control.

Innovative Products for Life, Calgary, AB

  • Developed a consumer appliance prototype.
  • Designed parts for plastic injection molding.

ARC Bronze, Olds, AB

  • Designed and sourced decorative bronze castings from several international suppliers.
  • Worked out shipping logistics through a broker.
  • Developed a website to market and sell online.
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